Giveaway Winners will be Announced on June 30th 2017 on Facebook Page!

Laptop we are giving away: MSI GE72VR 6RF-257CA 17.3" Notebook i7-6700HQ 16GB RAM 256GB SSD 1TB GTX 1060 6G Win10

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Giveaway Rules:
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• Step 3 (Optional) ➨ Share this video with your friends!

You can simply increase your chances by clicking on as much advertisements that you see along our video or on the two websites and following as much instructions as you can.

Questions & Answers:

→ Question 1) How is it possible to do this much giveaways
→ Question 1 Answer) Our team reaches out to companies, and we as a team invest half our money into making this possible. As a business man. I've invested half a million, to more than 5 different companies to make this possible.

→ Question 2) Is this a scam?
→ Question 2 Answer) Absolutely not, we don't ask for payments or anything. It's completely free; and simple to enter a giveaway. Our team would not use our time to scam people, instead we are legitimate and do what we show. If you believe that our Giveaways are in any way a scam, feel free to not enter them.

→ Question 3) Free shipping?
→ Question 3 Answer) Completely free; once you win. We ship it to you for free.

→ Question 4) Your a scam?
→ Question 4 Answer) You can think what you want, or listen to false rumors. But it would never be correct, we know what we do has helped thousands of people and we will continue to make those that have been around and know us instead of those that have no evidence of us being a scam.


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  1. All the best buat semua yang join giveaways ni :]


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